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The epic tale of Bobbinhood is a story yet to be told, and the beginning of this particular story is quite something to be honest. Check this out.

Did you know that 168 MILLION kids are forced to work every day. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pretty crazy right? We thought so – so instead of complaining, we decided we didn’t have to move mountains to make a difference. That’s where the story begins.

Bobbinhood was crafted in the hormonal mind of our founder, Barbara de Ru (who was 6 months pregnant at the time). You might have heard of her, but for those who haven’t: Barbara used to create women’s fashion for her own label, big industry icons and well-known fashion labels. But as she grew older she grew a little wiser and as her belly grew bigger her sense of fairness grew stronger. So Barbara – who’s always cooking things up – decided she wanted to raise her girls differently. Going through her own wardrobe she noticed a lot of items were ‘fair’ already, but in the girls‘ closet there wasn’t much fairness going on.

Like all good things have a beginning, this one started off with a closet raid. Barbara and her oldest daughter slayed the fashion industry dragons at home and started to build their own castle – one that is fair, unique, fun and accessible. Something everybody can join in on, and something special to everybody. By making their first piece together, Barbara and her daughter started a story yet to be told. We invite you to join us in the fight to free our wardrobes. And let’s do it together! For we are Bobbinhood!
Here is our manifesto:

Let’s free our wardrobe!
Free it from slavery, child labor, pollution
and instead fill every piece with happiness.

Let’s steal fashion back from the industry
and reclaim the love for the product.

Let’s make clothing that doesn’t fill landfills
but simply swells our hearts.

Let’s make people matter
And while we’re at it
Let’s call fashion workers artisans
for that’s what they are!
Let’s empower those artisans.

Let’s make our fashion fair.
Really fair – not ‘fair-for-more-sales-fair’.

Let’s share how to make things,
create things you love,
for the love of the product,
for the love of the artisans
and the loves of your life.

Let’s do it together.
For we are Bobbinhood!

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