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We don’t say we have all the answers, but.. eh we tried! If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, just contact us at info@bobbinhood.com (ooops, even that one is answered below ;))


1.1 How can I contact you?

Glad you asked! You can send us an email at info@bobbinhood.com

1.2 Can I show you what I’ve made?

Of course! We love to see what you made! Use#wearebobbinhood to share on IG or email us at info@bobbinhood.com

1.3 Can I collaborate with you?

We love to collaborate with artists! You can always send us an email with a clear proposal.


2.1 Do you ship to ...?

We love to collaborate with artists! You can always send us an email with a clear proposal.

2.2 When does my order ship?

We ship on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, except for holidays. You will receive an email with a track&trace code once your order is shipped. Good to know: sometimes these end up in your spam folder.

2.3 How much does delivery cost?

You can find our shipping costs over here.

2.4 Can I pay with ...?

Probably! There are lot of different payment options in the shop, from Credit Card to PayPal and from iDeal to manual payments. You can select your payment of choice at checkout.

2.5 I'm a customer from the EU with a VAT-number, can I shop without VAT?

Yes you can! Prices are shown including VAT, however for businesses with a valid VAT-number in the EU (with exception of the Netherlands) taxes are shifted to the recipient. You’ll pay less than the prices on the website, but your local taxes may apply. Just enter your VAT-number at checkout.

2.6 I'm a customer outside the EU, what about VAT?

Prices are shown including VAT, however for customers outside the EU no taxes apply. You’ll pay less than the prices on the website, but at customs your local taxes may apply.

2.7 How can I track my order?

When your order is shipped, you will receive an email with a track & trace code to track your order. Careful, sometimes these end up in your spam folder.

2.8 I just received my package and something is wrong...

Oh no! Please send us an email at info@bobbinhood.com and we will try to solve it right away! If there is any damage please take clear pictures, including one with your address label visible and email us.

2.9 Can I return my order?

Yes, you can return an(y) item/items if you change your mind. Return-shipping costs are at your own expense. Please email us within 7 days of receipt. You can find more information here. Digital items and gift cards can not be returned 😉

2.10 Is there an option to buy as a business in your shop?

Yes, if you’re registered as a business and have a valid VAT number. You can select ‘customer type: business’ at checkout and enter your VAT-number. For Europe based business no tax will be charged (with exception of NL based business owners).


3.1 This looks fun! I want to start screen printing, what do I need?

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our kits contains everything you need; a screen, squeegee, stencils, tape and black ink. Of course you can add other colors if you like. On our blog you can find a lot of info on how to get started and we made a book: ‘the ultimate screen print book’! Filled with a gazillion tips & tricks, screen print projects and ideas!

3.2 Can I mix your inks?

Sure! All of our inks can be mixed together so you’ll have gazillions of color options to choose from!

3.3 Can I print on ...?

Yes! The sky is the limit! Next to fabric, our ink can print on paper, leather, cork, wood and even walls. Just make sure your surface isn’t greasy or plastic coated, otherwise the ink won’t stick.

3.4 My ink is too thick, what can I do?

All of our inks are water based, you can thin them with water. Thin it very slowly, drop by drop, and do some tests. When your ink is too thin, it will bleed when printing.

3.5 My ink is very thin, what can I do?

First test if it’s a problem. As long as it covers and doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t matter. If it really is too thin, leave the jar open for an hour or two, and stir every 10 minutes. This should thicken your ink.

3.6 How can I set my inks?

Our ink is heat set, five minutes by iron. Don’t forget baking paper to protect your print.

3.7 Why did my print fade after washing?

Most likely the print was not set correctly. Make sure to follow the instructions on the jar.

3.8 What stencil paper do you use?

We are in love with our very own special waterproof stencil paper because it’s awesome! You can wipe them off and use over and over again! They are easy to cut, make super sharp prints and are eco friendly! You can find them here

3.9 Why are my prints not sharp?

Some tips: use a bounce layer. Keep your squeegee up when printing. Don’t move the screen while printing. Don’t use to much ink at once. Make sure you use the right tools & materials. All these tips and many, many more, can be found in our book.

3.10 How do I take care of my screen?

Always wash your screen right away after you printed, otherwise it will get clogged. Because we don’t use chemicals and our inks are water based, you can do this in your own kitchen sink. Make sure you always store your screen flat.

3.11 My screen is clogged, what do I do now?

No worries! You can clean your screen with a high-pressure cleaner. If you don’t have one, you can often use one at the self-service car wash. Just make sure you give the screen a good blast on both sides.

3.12 This looks complicated... Can I do this?

Everybody can easy screen print, and when we say easy we really mean easy! With our kit comes a step-by-step manual. If you want to know aaaall our tips and tricks check out our ultimate easy screen printing book or join one of our workshops!

3.13 I want to learn more!

Yaaaay! Told you this is addictive 😉 We made a book, give workshops and have blog posts with tons of inspiration, examples, tips, how to’s and free templates.

3.14 Can I use other inks as well with your kit?

Obviously we are madly in love with our ink but yes you can use other inks as well. We prefer water based inks but the most important thing is that the ink is suitable for screen printing, otherwise you ruin your screen.


4.1 I want to make my very own Bobbinhood Suit, what do I need?

How fun! You can find our size chart over here (adults) and here (kids). It tells you exactly how much fabric you need to make your own. 

4.2 I’m size …, will the Bobbinhood suit fit me?

The pattern has a size range of XS-5XL or 2-13y. We’re convinced everyone needs an awesome suit, so we created a pattern with lots of options! You can find our size chart over here (adults) or here (kids).

4.3 I’m looking at the size chart, but I’m not sure what size to make..

Always measure your body first, write down the numbers and compare to the size chart. The step-by-step manual will guide you through it! 

4.4 You mentioned something about hacks, how does that work?

With the Bobbinhood suit we created our ultimate suit, but because we have gazillion ideas (like always!) we also created hacks, variants like a blouse, a jacket, a maxi dress… all based on this one pattern. And we’re working on much more! We created a little (or not so little) family of options for you. 

4.5 Where can I get the patterns for the hacks?

Good news! They are available as free downloads here. The pattern of the adult Bobbinhood Suit you can find here and the Bobbinhood Kids Suit here. With that purchase and our free hacks you can make yourself a whole wardrobe.


4.6 This looks so cool! Can you make one for me

Unfortunately not, but we’re convinced you can do it! Our pattern comes with a super detailed and clear manual to take you to the process step by step. Like we said, we think everyone needs a Bobbinhood suit, so we designed one everyone can make!

5.1 Can I use your designs?

We’ve created a lot of free templates you can use. Please note: they are for personal use only. If you want to use them for commercial use, please contact us to see what is possible. 

5.2 I sell things, can I use your templates for that?

Nope sorry, our free templates are for personal use only. We’re honoured that you like them though! 

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