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Welcome to this brand new blog series: Celebrate With Confetti! In this series I’ll tell you aaaall about my Bobbinhood adventures – the struggles and pure bliss of being a creative entrepreneur. I will take you through my creative journey and give you tips on how you can create your own dream job. I believe everybody deserves to have a job they truly love, and that you can make that happen! Woohoooo! Let’s go!


  • Creative entrepreneuring vs. a corporate job
  • Getting started/Taking the plunge – whatever you want to call it!

  • Three key things before you start

A few months ago I asked you what you would like me to share about creative entrepreneuring and I received a lot more questions and suggestions than expected! (We stopped counting after 100 and they still kept coming in!)
At least 80% of them were about how and when to get started. Questions like: ‘how do you know when to take the plunge?,’ ‘what do you need to start?,’ ‘how do you know it is the right time?

I’ve been thinking about how to answer all of these questions. How to share my personal experience in a way that is helpful for other (aspiring) creative entrepreneurs. Although I’m not sure that I know or have the ‘perfect’ answers to your questions, I do know and can assure you that it’s definitely possible to create an awesome job for yourself. I might even claim to have the closest thing you could possibly have to a dream job, and I’m proud of the fact that I created this for myself, proud that I didn’t settle with any other job that I had before this one (and I had lots, trust me! I tried many jobs that didn’t fit me, jobs that made me feel restless or unworthy).

I have to admit, I sometimes miss the perks of having a corporate job. The stability of being paid every single month, knowing weekends truly were for free time, having paid days off… I don’t want to sugar coat anything – being an entrepreneur is a rocky road. It’s never easy and it’s definitely stressful. But I do feel blessed every time I walk into my studio, every time I hear my kids talk with such pride about their momma’s company, every time I pay my taxes or give a raise to my co-workers. Those feelings are beyond anything I’ve ever felt before at any other job. Making a company that fits me, my family and this season of my life. A job where I can have the craziest ideas in an environment where they actually get the chance to grow into an awesome product – all of that is so satisfying. I hope by reading my experiences I can inspire you to go for it.

Maybe you’re wondering why we called this series Celebrate with Confetti (or maybe you’re not… either way, I’m gonna tell you anyway, ha!). Although entrepreneuring is a bumpy road, I decided fiercely from the beginning that I was going to enjoy this process, and that I was going to do that by celebrating the things that did work while simply moving on from things that didn’t. That mind set has been the mantra of Bobbinhood ever since. You could say confetti is our mascot! There is even confetti on the back of our Creative Workflow (a ‘getting things done while enjoying the process system’ we use here and that we loooove), so we never forget to celebrate when we’ve worked on something.

My hope is that as you read this blog series, my experiences and tips can help you on your creative journey and maybe even inspire you to find your dream job! To learn from the setbacks, but most importantly, to praise your successes (big and small!), so that you too can Celebrate with Confetti. Woohoo!


I’ve been thinking about the early days of Bobbinhood a lot lately. Being that so many of your questions were about getting started and the very beginning steps of entrepreneuring, it really made me want to go back and make sure I wasn’t romanticizing anything. I thought about the practical side of my getting started and what steps I took initially to create a foundation I could build on. I realized that there were three things I made sure were in place before I officially took the plunge, three things that made starting waaaaaay less scary. Let me break them down for you (in bold letters to make them official ;))!

Three key things that should be in place before you start:

  1. Make a business plan. (I can almost hear you screaming ‘nooooo!’ But don’t run away just yet!) Business plans are awesome and not scary at all! I’m even convinced that they’re not hard, aaaaand that they make your chances of creating a sustainable business (and thus your dream job), much more realistic.
  2. Set a clear goal.
  3. Create a safety net.

I can imagine you’re like: say whaaaaat?! But don’t worry! I’ll take you through the whole process! This is one of my favourite things to do. If you have a copy of our Ultimate Easy Screen Printing book you might already know this about me, but I love taking you through the entire process of things and practically holding your hand while I give you all the tips and tricks. I plan to do exactly that with this series of blog posts about creative entrepreneuring! Every week I’ll share something about my creative business journey with you and give you a tip that I think will help you on yours so that you too will be celebrating with confetti in no time!

The first eight blog posts will be about getting yourself in ‘find my dream job,’ mode. After that we will dive into setting goals, taking the plunge, finances (cause at the end of the day, we gotta have food on our plates and a roof above our heads, right? And how fun would it be if you could pay for those by doing your dream job!), and how to make that business plan. Yesssss you can!

I hope you’re as excited as I am! See you here next week!


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