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My dear friend Yvet contacted me a couple of weeks ago if I would help with sharing the amazing work of Basha as they are having hard times due to Corona. Basha is an amazing safe house for exploited women and children in Bangladesh (read more about their amazing work here). We donate part of our profit annually to support their amazing work. So when Yvet told me they were experiencing hard times, I decided to do a special project to honour them and hopefully raise heaps of money for them!

My first thought was to temporarily offer a PAID template, as you know our printing templates are always FREE and this project would be a PAID one where all profit would go to Basha. Then I thought it would be cool to work together with some amazing illustrators to make it even more interesting for you all to download like crazy haha. Buy one, or buy them as a package deal, and know you will directly be supporting women and their children in Bangladesh!

Without further ado let me introduce you to these 4 amazing artists and the designs they so graciously donated to Bobbinhood x Basha!


Axelle Zwartjes lived all over the world and just moved back to Belgium. I love her fun-loving and witty work, she has been on our ‘awesome illustrators we really want to work with list’ ever since we met her during a wool felt workshop in Amsterdam. Since, I bought a tee and scarf (printed with our kit!!!) from her and my girl and I fight about who gets to wear it ;).

This print is so endlessly fun, and it works well as a small patch (I did cut the small one with my Cameo Silhouette) but I can’t wait to print it big on a tee for my little girl. Let’s hope we all will be forever hugging sooooon!


Betsy Petersen – y’all might know her because she has been a friend of Bobbinhood for a long time. We have never met in person (she is based in the US) but she is one of the first artist we worked with! She is featured in our book and we made a gazillion projects with her fun and bright art! Printing this illustration is easy and fun. When I made a couple of patches with this illustration my girls stole them right away for their jackets and to give to their friends! Well, I guess that’s the only kind of stealing I don’t mind!


Lynn Cosyn – Luxembourg might be a small country, it sure has a great illustrator: Lynn Cosyn! We have worked together not so long ago on a very fun free download ‘Doodles’. Her work looks effortless and clear, which I happen to love. We did have help from our cutting machine to make the stencil (yay for the SVG files that come with the download!) to make this patch but it is totally possible to cut by hand if you make a bigger print!


Olya Tsikhanchuk – is a Russian illustrator based in Finland. When Olya showed us her two options for this project we couldn’t choose and she graciously gave us both! We love Olya!!! We have worked together before for this free template and I made my littlest her ‘queen of the snakes dress’ with it. Still one of her faves. And I know I will be asked by my girls to print both of her designs for this project for them, and I certainly do not mind!


And to top it all off we also added two batches! The skater girl is an illustration by yours truly and the rainbow you might recognise from our Family Flow. Both iconic in their own way and both super fun to print!



For this project I printed all the designs as patches. Of course you can print them any size you want on anything you want. Every download contains templates per layer as well as SVG files.

Please know that all these designs are for personal use only. It would be lovely if you could tag Basha, #bobbinhoodxbasha, the illustrator and Bobbinhood if you show your work on social media. Thank you for supporting Basha. THANK YOU!

When you download one or all of these templates, all profits will go to Basha. Read more about them here or check their instagram here. They also make amazing products, see those here or on instagram.

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