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You can set up your Creative Workflow any way that fits your personal workspace. In this blogpost I will show you a couple of ways to set up your board!

This is how we set it up in our HQ. It is quite a big one (size 80×120 cm – 31 1/5 x 46 4/5 inch) and it takes up quite a bit of space. If I would make a new one I would make it a bit smaller and probably make it 70x100cm (27 1/3 x 39 inches).

For our pegboard, I re-used the bed bottom of a friends old bed board, but you can also buy these at your local home depot store. First I painted the board white, then I decided on how I wanted the board to be.

On top, there are four ‘card spaces’ for that week’s focus and a space for notes next to it. Below that, are the weekdays. For us, 8 card spaces per day are more than enough. Next to this, there are two spaces for notes and a happy card.

We will explain more about the different themes and how we use them in a next blog post! We chose weekend instead of Saturday and Sunday separately. Bobbinhood is closed on the weekends, although we do give workshops.

I bought 4mm bolts and nuts (one for every card space I needed) and put them firmly on the back. Once they were in the right spot, I screwed the nut on. Mount your board on the wall, take nuts off and you’re ready to go!

The Creative Workflow cards come pre-punched, easy to hang and ready to use right away!

But there isn’t just one way, you could use a magnet board, a pinboard, a white board, washi tape your cards on your wall, or…

…get inspired by creatives that already use our Creative Workflow!

Studio Hamerhaai (left) is a dutch design company making everything from used materials. They are famous for their fun and gorgeous ‘Rijkswachters’: Robots made from the wooden crates used to store art in. They also make beautiful furniture. They have an amazing workshop where they use a regular pinboard to set up their Creative Workflow. They are getting things done at their workshop, look at all that confetti flying around!

Here is how Sarah (right) from sarahtypes.com uses her creative workflow. Sarah has an amazing site and IG that is filled with a gazillion tips and tricks on lettering and more. Also check out her you tube videos! Sarah says: “I have the weekend at the top and my weekdays below. Since I work 9-5 as well as my creative side projects, my Mon-Fri has a lot less time for the creative work which is why it has less cards. :)”

So cool to see how this set-up totally suits her way of working + she made her own on the blank ones + we love the washi tape she used!

Julia from TATTYMOO makes, makes, makes aaaalll day it seems when you follow her stories on instagram, so very inspiring!. To be more precise Julia owns a fashion brand that upcycles and uses zero waste. Effin amazing! She uses her pin board to combined her Creative Workflow with her mood board. Doesn’t it look fun this way?!

See you at Six also used a pegboard to create their creative workflow, doesn’t this look stunning? I am always in awe of this beautiful fabric brand. Naomi creates a beautifully well thought out fabric collection every 3 months! Every time she amazes with a beautiful lookbook (all the fabrics made into a full collection as inspiration, by her sister Deborah) shot by herself. Every season the fabrics come with matching ribbings, superb elastic bands etc etc. Her colors are always on point and I know from experience the fabrics are amazing to print on!

And how I love this one of Louisette from Little Lefty Lou! She thrifted a classic cork pinboard, painted it with left over paints into this gorgeousness! Doesn’t get any more sustainable than this! Little Lefty Lou is a shop for enamel pins and stationary goods. She sells own designs but also from other indy designer. Love that!

We hope this inspires you as much as it inspires us and we can’t wait to see your set-up! Send us a pic on info@bobbinhood.com or tag us at IG and use #wearebobbinhood. And if you have any questions just send us an email or DM wohooo!

Heaps of love and confetti!
Barbara aka Bobbinhood

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