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When Celina Bailey and me started brainstorming about the book, we first talked about all the cool techniques and skills we wanted to teach you. We felt this book should be a huge celebration of collaborating, just the way we like it.

After careful selection we asked 14 international illustrators to design a print for the book that would help us explain all these techniques. It was quite a puzzle and we still can’t believe that all these amazing artists wanted to work with us!

After working on this book for over a year, the launch will be 13th of October in our HQ!!! Everybody is welcome! And we will do a book tour!

So now we can finally introduce all these artists we worked with properly.

Starting off with Hello Marine!

(The order of these introductions are totally random, we just shuffled the names and picked one by one).

Hello Marine is a French illustrator who lives in Brighton, her bright colors and riso prints caught our eye immediately. We fell in love with her use of colors and also the layering and shifts she has in her prints. We were at the same time looking for a gorgeous ‘plant’ print and Hello Marine’s work combined all this goodness together.

For the book she designed a print you can endlessly play around with. It is so fun to recreate one of her shift prints (as I like to call them, a print that seems to be shifted out of place, bringing an extra depth to your work) or to just use your stencils to unleash all your creativity. Hello Marine’s shapes will make sure it all looks awesome.

This is the first page of the chapter where we used Hello Marine’s illustration. In this chapter we teach you all about easy screen printing on paper, making that shift print and how to use your stencils for all your creativity.

We will be giving away this gorgeous bags to one book order placed today and tomorrow (9th and 10th of October)!

Look at all that cool art, casually hanging out in her studio!

Check out her work at:


IG: @hellomarine

Check out her website for all kinds of pretty stuff!


Find out allllll about easy screen printing and read more about Hello Marine and her creative journey in our book!

The book comes with a magazine with all the templates of the illustrators, use these to cut your own stencils for your personal projects. Our book is only available on our website, you can find it here in our shop.

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