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A special request by my two girls 🙂
My kids have been asking me forever to make them a creative workflow as well (see our adult version here), they saw how well it worked for me and wanted to celebrate things they got done every day! Now that we are all home bound, I took my creative workflow (and all my screen printing stuff :)) home and I saw how good a system like this would be for my girls, how valuable it was to give them not only structure during the day but also a moment to celebrate together. This way we all know what to expect and there is always confetti!

Family flow for everybody!
I started with hand drawing cards for them with all the themes of their day, but soon enough so many of you asked me to make them available. Of course we would! To make sure the Family Flow was complete for everybody we did a survey on IG and you all told me what you needed for your family. Together we came to 38 different themes, all you need from getting dressed to going to bed and everything in between! We also made sure to include 4 blanks so you can add your own personal themes or traditions.

How we use the Family Flow.
With youngest, me or my hubs make a new flow with her every day. We lay the themes out together, put them in order and put them on our board. She is four years old so her tasks are different than the tasks of my 10 year old. For the little one there is more focus on themes like brushing teeth, getting dressed, when to take a bath etc. Setting it up is now an important ritual of our day, it’s fun and it gives us a clear moment to discuss the day. My big girl likes more structure for a longer period, so we make her a week plan, that we discuss shortly every day. It is awesome to see how it gives her structure. She pretty much ‘manages’ the board herself and she loves that feeling. It really gives her a sense of being in control and it definitely takes away a lot of endless discussions (although not all of them of course haha).

Whenever a theme is worked on we celebrate by turning the card over, on the back is confetti! This is a very important moment and it just never gets old! It is so cool to see all the confetti at the end of the day!

Make your own Family Flow: the download.
This download comes with a clear step-by-step guide where we take you through the process of printing, there is a handy list to determine what themes are for you and we help you set it up. There are 38 themes to choose from (or print them aaalll!) and 4 blanks to create your own. The girls also wanted a cool box to store there cards in, just like the adult version, so we made you a box kids can color and make themselves. My girls even added glitter!

With this download comes:

  • super handy print guide
  • A4 and LETTER files to print at home or at the printshop
  • files to have them printed and cut at MOO

  • fun box to store your Family Flow that kids can color and make themselves

We decided to make a personal set for both my girls (4 and 10 years old), they have their own focus and things during the day. You can of course also choose to make a more family orientated flow. And I might have stolen some of the Family Flow to add to my Creative Work Flow (shhhh hahaha). You can print all the cards as many times as you want, some you’ll need a lot and some not so much.

Make a game out of it!
Sometimes we do a little game where we pick a couple of their favorite cards, we put them in a little pile upside down. Whenever we have confetti for the full day they get to pick a random card to do and celebrate even more!

We’d love to see pictures of your Family Flow! Share them @bobbin.hood #wearebobbinhood!!

We also wrote a blogpost on how to set it up, check it here!

XO Barbara (& fam ;)) aka Bobbinhood

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