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You’ve might noticed our brand new template library on our, also brand new, website! We loooove to offer you these free printing templates. With these templates you can easily cut your stencils and print away! Let me show you how they work.

Let’s have a look at our template library. Might seem a bit scary at first to be screen printing these beautiful designs, so we made it ultra clear for you and easy to screen print. We also made sure there are different levels available so you can start easy or dive in head first, whatever suits you. Let’s take the template of our Bobbinhood heart to show you how it works! Pour yourself a drink and here we go:

The front page shows you the design and gives you all the basic info:

Let me elaborate a on the levels, you see 3 stars here. 1 – 1,5 = beginner, 2 – 2,5 = involves a bit more technique or practice and 3 is for the more experienced screen printer or bold beginner. And to make it a bit more fun, we like to add a little tip for you! Did you notice all the links are clickable? For instance the Instagram handle of the artist takes you right to their page!

Now that we got the front page covered, let’s move on to page 2. This is your ‘recipe’ page. It shows you all the steps, how many stencils to cut, what each stencil looks like and in what order you should print your layers.

Step number 3 is an important one: here you can see an overview of the different stencils you need and what they look like when they are cut. To make things ultra clear we gave every layer another color. All the white parts, are the parts you cut out, this is what you’ll be printing in that layer. Good to know: in our book we tell you all the tips and tricks to become a master in screen printing.

After this page you’ll find all the layers. To keep things ultra clear, we placed every layer on a separate page. Sometimes we also added a guide on the last page, to show you how all layers are positioned together.

Print any size you want
You can of course screen print these designs in any size you like. This is how it works: after you downloaded your template, you can print it on regular paper (please don’t print them directly on your special Bobbinhood stencil paper!). If you print these pages on 100%, it will fit right on your maxi stencils. You can scale them bigger or smaller, whatever suits your project. Print the layer pages in the size you like by filling in the scale percentage in the print window, just make sure to use the same percentages for all layers ;). Of course you can also size them up to fit your mega screen.

Good to know:

  • For the Maxi screen the printing dimensions are 16x26cm/6,2×10,1 inches,
  • for our Mega screen this is 26x34cm/10,1×13,7 inches.

Please only print the pages you need: the layer pages, starting at page 3 and onwards, depending on how many layers there are.

SVG files
Some templates even come with SVG files, you can use these to cut your stencils on a cutting machine like the Cameo Silhouette, Cricut or something comparable. Our stencil paper is perfect for that. We use the settings for normal paper, but always try what works for your machine first.

There is a chapter in our book that tells you all the tips & tricks if you cut your stencils by hand.

Always credit the artist
These templates give you a great opportunity to print a piece of art by an amazing designer or illustrator. Normally it’s not something you do, you can’t take just an image from someone else and print it, even when you credit the artist. It’s called stealing 😉 Always, always ask an artist if you can use their work first. The cool thing is for the illustrations we offer with our free templates we have already asked it for you and they agreed that you can use them (for personal use only!). Ain’t that cool! We are suuuuper happy to be collaborating with them, so please tag the artist if you use a template!

Of course you can choose your own colors, and go wild! Have heaps of fun screen printing! We can’t wait to see what you’ll make. Please tag us on Instagram with @bobbin.hood and #wearebobbinhood


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