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As a fashion designer I always love to work from classics and hack patterns into entire collections. A jacket pattern can become a dress, a sweater and all kinds of exciting new things. This is why we choose our Bobbinhood suit as our first pattern, it is so versatile and it makes my inner-designer go wild on all the possibilities!

Our first hack is made by pattern hack queen and Bobbinhood accomplice (lucky us) Marleen. She turned our pattern into an awesome jacket perfect for this season, it is a jacket with a denim feel to it although you can make it in all kinds of fabrics.

The download is a full (and freeee) step-by-step manual on how to make this jacket from the Bobbinhood suit pattern. With the free download comes the extra patterns, fabric and garment measurements, how to hack your pattern and alllll the steps to make this awesome jacket. Oh and we added a sketch away page where you can design the print you want on the jacket :)!

I made this soft pink jacket in this medium canvas from de Stoffenkamer. I always find it a bit scary to buy fabrics online but I send Helena a DM to ask if she thought this fabric would be good for a jacket like this. And she confirmed! I love how this canvas was easy to print on and it was an easy sew, yay! I chose to leave the hem of the sleeves unfinished like Marleen did with her jacket (I thought it was so cooooool!). But obviously you can also finish the hem, this is all in the free instructions. No worries!

Here is Marleen’s version, she made a more sturdy printed denim version awesome for all seasons!

We hope you enjoy this hack just as much as we did. We are already planning on making many more jackets! But first up is a hack for a maxi dress wohooo!

We can’t wait to see your version of this hack! Show us with #wearebobbinhood!


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