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I am not sure if a calendar date and a big load of commercialism (it seems to get worse every year doesn’t it?) should make me express love, I think expressing LOVE should be a seasonless all year round thing. I don’t have a secret love either so valentine is not my kinda holiday. But it did make me think, I do love LOVE and I love expressing it alll day eeeevery day! So I thought of a project that would never be out of fashion and easy to do, also a good project to upcycle some socks we have laying around. Win win win! Haha!

Printing socks is such an awesome thing to do, it is easy and the result is always fun! You can print any sock from a soft smooth knitted sock to a ribbed sporty sock, you just have to keep some things in mind. Our book has all the tips and tricks to make your sock printing adventure a smooth ride.

Here are all the socks we printed for the book, such a lovely project to do!

My print brain couldn’t stop once I thought of printing LOVE socks so I made a couple 😉 Hopefully it will inspire you to make yours. Lemme show you:

I wanted to make some LOVE socks with a fun font and Dorobot made a real cool one, so I asked here friendly 🙂 and she let me use them for these socks! I made two styles; colorful on sport docks and dark blue on the softest bamboo socks. Share it with two or even four and think of each other all day!

I try to teach my kids to love themselves as if they are their own best friend: admire, be critical, and always show love and compassion. To remind myself of this as well I printed me some LOVE socks. Gotta practice what you preach right?

Or make a matching one for your love, bestie, sibling….

And I printed these for my girl. She’s got my hear

t, every day.

The heart template comes as a free download (find all our fun guaranteed downloads here) and pre-cut stencils in two sizes! Our book is full of aaalll the tips and tricks for printing socks & more, plus a gazillion amazing other projects.

See me print all the socks in this little movie on our instagram account here (and all kinds of things, printing away aaall day there!).

We’d love to see your hearts or anything else you make with our kit! Show us with #wearebobbinhood.

XO Barbara aka Bobbinhood

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