Yay! Let’s print away all day!


Free fries for everybody! We are celebrating our brand new website! All orders until Tuesday the 17th of March will receive our famous Belgium fries stencils! Read more below 🙂

It was quite the process, to say the least. We built an entire website, that in the testing fase wasn’t solving all our (mostly behind the scenes: financing and shipping) problems. So we had to start over. It was especially shitty because we did all the research + we asked all the questions and it did not work. We cried for an hour and then went on with building a new one. From the first idea of building a new website to the actually launch now, took over a year! And now we are not only proud of the way it looks but also a lot of the work behind the scened is so much easier for us! Aaaaalmost having fun doing our finances now, haha.

What’s new?
On your request we have added some cool stuff in our shop like screens (without the kit), tape and an actual pro kit! We collaborate with an artist every month, who designs a template for the kit (free download for you!) and all our free templates come in a new fun and even easier download.

Free fries for everybody!*
The fries are extra special for us, they are Bobbinhood’s first design, it was actually the first thing my girl asked to make me when we decided to make her wardrobe slave and pollution free. To design this I made her a dream collection print-out (find it as a free download here and make your own dream collection!) This was the start of our Bobbinhood adventure. Ever since I have printed them so many times and made so much fun stuff with them. I still use the first stencils I ever cut and they must have printed a gazilion of fries! So to celebrate our new website we thought it would be fun to give pre-cut stencils to all orders above 30 euros. Print your own fries, with mayonnaise, ketchup or straight up! (And show them off #wearebobbinhood).

Fun fact the pattern for this crewneck is also a free download! You can find it right here.

Photo on the right by Dani van Oeffelen

*All physical orders above 30 euros (before shipping) will receive our famous fries stencils! Just place your order before Tuesday March 17th, 23:59 pm and we will add them to your package, easy as that!

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